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Rossini didn't write the overture until the last minute. The premiere of the opera was approaching, and he needed something.

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So he dug into his past works. There he found an opera he'd written 14 years earlier, "Elizabeth, Queen of England. The music written about William Tell is far more well-known to American audiences than is the man William Tell.

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William Tell is a Swiss folk hero and fighter for Swiss independence from Austria. Whether Mr.

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  • Tell actually existed is a question historians argue over. As the story goes, Tell was a 14 th -century farmer. While in the town of Altdorf on the banks of Lake Lucerne, Tell, along with all the other locals, was ordered by the Hapsburg Austrian bailiff to salute the bailiff's hat, which he'd placed on top of a rod. Donaldson, Walter.

    Sousa, John Philip. The Pink Panther.

    SEN Music - 'William Tell Overture' by Rossini - KS1 Music - BBC Bitesize

    Pagliuca-Mena, Silvano. Gioacchino Rossini.

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    Music Analysis: Comparing 'William Tell Overture' and 'Overture 1812'

    Quick Details. Musicians Like You Also Purchased. Hava Nagila Traditional Leadsheet. And is a must play for many brass bands.

    The Story Behind the Music

    The third and fourth movements are the most well-known. Many of us will be familiar with The Lone Ranger television show. The theme song is the fourth movement of the Overture, offering up a rollicking gallop. He was 38 at the time.

    Victorian Opera

    The overture, which is set in Switzerland, features trumpets, trombones, timpani, triangle, oboes, French horns, clarinets, flute, piccolo, bass drum, cymbals and strings. French horn Photo: wikicommons. In the recording here, performed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and recorded by RNZ Concert in , you can hear the entire overture, which is 11 minutes in duration.

    It was conducted by Giordano Bellincampi. The first movement welcomes the dawn. The prelude - the introduction to the piece - is slow. Cellos and basses start, but then the timpani joins in, ever so slightly.