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Latin music leader: The Venezuelan native was promoted to her current position this year, giving her oversight of joint ventures, human resources and information standards and technology.

People will prejudge you based on what you post. Make it private or be hypervigilant. And Billboard alum Mackar helped connect Post Malone with Crocs, whose collaboration with the clogs maker sold out in minutes. Over , rugrats rocked: After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Junk moved to New York to work in PR and marketing at a time when women were often assigned to family-centric projects. There is no try. Championed Carrie and Kacey: UMG Nashville is poised to once again finish as the top country music label, thanks in part to Carrie Underwood , whose work Mabe has guided.

Your perspective is your power. His catalog has generated over 3. Not only has she devoted herself to her career, which has literally changed the path for women in the United States, she has also balanced a family life along the way. Latin division, upping new-artist signings and focusing on long-term talent development with up-and-comers Vice Menta and Alaya.

Be teachable. Be confident. Be honest. Be accessible. Be impactful. Be kind.

A feminist torchbearer and a civil rights leader, she embraced her blackness and became an icon for gender and racial equality. Doubled market share: In the last 12 months, Saturn has presided over great growth for Caroline. The label has more than doubled its U. On the legislative front, McDonald played a role in both the passage of the U. Christine Blasey Ford. She did what most of us may not have had the guts to do. Utterly inspiring. Empowering women to excel in this field is an awesome equalizer. Some folks take it too far. Marquee Azoff act the Eagles -- in the midst of their first arena tour without Glenn Frey -- reclaimed the title for all-time highest-certified U.

Strength in numbers: According to Perez, 13 of 31 Roc Nation executives are women. Combs Enterprises also announced the establishment of a third Capital Prep charter school in the Bronx, set to open in She speaks facts, truth and integrity -- and she has done it since she was That, to me, is extraordinary. During the past decade, the publisher has grown into a multisector company that also operates an indie label, and another decade from now, Walton expects to see a split between publishing and recorded music. The singer-songwriter scored a pair of No.

She ran that business like she was the queen, but she was also very culturally diverse. And this was 30 years ago. The end.

Cha-ching quartet: In , the U. Paak and Kehlani.

His most trusted medicine is illegal in America

Lewis says the dates have all sold out -- over , tickets in all. Be on time -- and be better listeners. YVES C.

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What were to happen if his destiny has already been written and his time is up? There are men that will not resign themselves to loosing?

Beauty Secrets Of Brazilian Women

Diego Mercader, an 8 year-old boy, was bullied by his classmates. He is urged by unknown persons to shoot 7 of his colleagues and goes to prison. He will find himself in a maze of intrigues and betrayal, sustained by Antonia's decision to find the truth about the murders and by Ezequiel's family. To do so, he must overcome all sorts of obstacles, in a whirlwind of action, emotions, unbridled passions, luxuries, intrigue, and betrayal.

After the appearance of his picture in the press, Casillas, whose fleet of 27 aircraft has earned him the nickname "The Lord of the Skies", decides to undergo a risky plastic surgery to change his face and disappear without a trace, putting the lives of his beloved Ximena and their children at risk. The struggle between these two capos will surpass the barriers of business to become a personal matter and the supremacy of the Lord of the Skies will be put to the test in the new season of the series, full of action, intrigue, romance and suspense, even more than its characters endured in the first.

While many consider him finished, the Lord of the Skies does not surrender. In a country plagued by suspicions and atrocities, a game of betrayal begins, and Aurelio, motivated by revenge and wanting to regain lost power defies all limits. Aurelio Casillas is where he longed to be: on top and in power.

So far nothing, and no one, has been able to control this criminal. Meanwhile, both sides have taken advantage of the weakness of Casillas to regroup and fight for control of the drug business.

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But Aurelio will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, to show that no one, not even death, will stop The Lord of the Skies. Although authorities believe he is dead, Aurelio, who has retreated for some time from his business, knows that he must soon resurge to finish a war with his nephew, Victor.

Victor, frustrated with the disappearance of his wife Monica, and angered with organizations under his command, brings the country into chaos. Ironically, Aurelio and his new allies will be the only ones who can save the country from its destruction. For three years, Salgado organized two attempts to kill the leader of the Medellin cartel, but failed. When Pablo Escobar dies, Salgado presents his resignation to Ramirez.

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Salgado will have to keep working as the head security chief, witnessing all the devastating destructions ordered by his boss. But to leave the hell from which he has found himself, Ricardo Salgado will have to bring down the devil himself. Adriana Aguilar and Monica Serrano will meet under strange circumstances. Adriana, who is running from a predator, will find Monica in her path.

When Monica offers her a ride, the two will bond in a mysterious way by the power of a special talisman. To do so, she becomes a cab driver just like her father. But fate will have a different plan for her when she meets Alvaro, an attractive and affluent man who is emotionally destroyed after he discovers his wife has been unfaithful to him. With time, feelings they never expected begin to flourish and their former lives become more and more difficult to conform to.

Jung-suh and Song-joo are childhood friends and have a special bond that blossoms into love. They both share the pain of losing a loved one: Song-joo's lost her father and Jung-suh's his mother. Jung-suh's father marries actress Mira, who brings her children Yuri and Tae-hwa into the household. Yuri is jealous of Jung-suh. All the while, Jung-suh tries to be nice to Tae-hwa, but he mistakes her friendship for something more, and falls in love with her. The strikingly beautiful Eva Soler has attained great success in life. Together with her husband she has managed to build the Mon-sol trucking empire, as well as a beautiful family.

All was well until an unforgivable betrayal landed Eva behind bars. Now in her cell, Eva draws a new path for herself. In this new way, Eva meets love once again, in a just and loving man, who teaches her that not all is lost, forcing her to decide between the paths of happiness and revenge. Who would believe that a girl, dirty and ragged from sleeping so many days on the streets, would become one of the most desired women of the region? However, instinct did not fail Zhara, the boss of the most frequented Cabaret House The 4Ps, who saw the possibility of making the girl the economic guarantee of her future.

Because of this she took Amanda in and transformed her into the woman who would soon be known as Flor Salvaje.

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At the head of this network is the popular Ranchera music singer "El Chepo" Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. In his journey, Mateo falls in love with the aspiring singer Manara, Amado's half-sister, who has sought his guidance as producer. This, however, will not prevent Mateo from unleashing a war against his powerful enemies upon discovering the truth.

It will be a battle to the death At the head of this network is the popular music singer Rafa Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. The brothers, together with their faithful and lifelong employee Modesto, are ready to read the will left by their just deceased father when Paula del Monte shows up.


She is the only biological offspring and has come to get her part of the inheritance. For a man who considers arranged marriages a wonderful idea, because of its lack of emotional involvement, the attraction he feels for this mysterious woman, who leads a spontaneous, passionate and sometimes-strange life, is confusing. In the house next door, nothing is what it seems. In it live people that hide many secrets. This is the Conde family, a traditional family.

But their apparent perfection hides a very different reality. Renato created his empire by conducted illegal operations to get rid of business partners and possible competitors. Laura, a beautiful young woman with a strong personality, returns to the farm where her family works. Laura finds herself revisiting much of her past now that she is back, including past romances, and even discover secrets that marked her life.

With all of this, Laura will have to look out for herself and find her happiness. These rich depraves known as the Porquis violated her innocence while being protected by the impunity that their high social position gives them. Since then, Altagracia becomes a ruthless and ambitious woman, an unfeeling mother who abandoned her daughter at a young age and uses her charms to amass an empire that allows her to impose law and take justice into her own hands.

Despite her considerable success, Altagracia is missing something: love. And, she discovers it for the first time when she meets Saul, an attorney who defends the victims of gender violence and young women fighting for a way out of unemployment, poverty and overpopulation.